Here at Forged4x4, we are proud to run a clean, transparent sweepstakes and make sure everyone knows it. The fact that we’re legit unfortunately draws the attention of scammers who are trying to swindle our customers by posing as us. Here are some helpful tips on how to tell the difference between the real Forged4x4 and an imposter scammer (and how to report one.)


  • We call from an (858) area code phone number
  • Our founder and CEO Chris Carter makes the call during a live broadcast on our YouTube channel.
  • You can watch past live phone calls here.


  • via direct message on social media. Learn more.
  • via email. Learn more.
  • by phone. Learn more.

How To Identify a Scammer

Social Media

  • On social media, @forged4x4 is our only Instagram, Twitter and @forged4x4_ is our only Tik Tok account, and our only Facebook page can be found here.
  • Imposters will make accounts that look like ours with similar usernames, but they are not us. Also, at this time we have about 90K followers. Scam accounts will have just a few hundred and they often won’t have any posts.
  • Imposters will attempt to scam you by sending direct messages that you’ve won and must pay hundreds of dollars to accept and/or ship the prize. WE DON’T DO THIS.


  • We almost never contact our winners via email, and will do so only in extreme cases where we’re unable to make contact with a winner by phone
  • Scammers will create email addresses that look like us, like “[email protected]” but we only ever send emails from the domain For example, [email protected]. We will never send emails from regular email service provider domains.
  • Just like social media scams, these phonies will ask you to pay money to accept the prize. Don’t give them any of your info.


  • As stated above, we only contact our winners by phone with an 858 area code phone number
  • If you’ve received a call from an 858 number or any number claiming to be Forged4x4 but it’s not Chris Carter on the line, it’s not us.
  • If you receive a call that you’ve won and you’re really not sure if it’s real, just contact us first.

How to Report These Scams

We work tirelessly to get these scammers reported and banned. Join us in the fight against them by always reporting fake social media accounts via the platform’s reporting tools. Here’s some resources for each:

Reporting for Instagram

Reporting for Facebook

Reporting for Twitter

Reporting for Tik Tok

Report email and phone phishing scams to our government using these helpful resources.

Contact Us

Alert us about potential scams or if you have questions about imposters and scams.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 888-301-7909