The Giveaway

Every three months or so we change somebody’s life with a fully built off-road prize package. Each build is carefully upgraded with top of the line parts to handle any terrain you throw at it. You probably have seen our builds all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube and wondered how we actually give away these prizes.

A few years back, we realized that communities all over the globe share our passion for overlanding in the great outdoors, but these days a fully built rig can be time consuming, and expensive! So we started Forged4x4 in hopes of changing people’s lives with one of these insane rigs while also helping to grow this offroad community that we’ve loved for so long. For the past 3 years, we’ve given away Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Gladiators, RAM 1500 TRX’s, Ford Broncos, Mercedes Sprinter Vans and more along with some huge cash prizes! As we continue to grow and the offroad market grows, the list of vehicles will only get larger. But what you want to know is: how does all this even work anyway?

The Membership

The Forged4x4 Membership is a great and easy way to get entries into every Offroad giveaway. By joining the membership you are guaranteed 15+ entries per month into the active sweepstakes for every month that you are a member. Not only do you get entries, you also get a bunch of member benefits like:

  • Discounts at nationwide automotive parts manufacturers directly through our website
  • Discounts in our own store, where you’ll find everything from our famous soft t-shirts to tactical flashlights or even auto parts, and car care products. Every dollar spent there gets you an entry into the sweepstakes.
  • Free classified ads in our rigs for sale section. This gets thousands of interested car buyers daily and is a $25 value each
  • We shoot and write tons of exclusive content that’s only available to our VIP members
  • You can get even more member benefits and entries by upgrading your membership.

The Store

You can also earn entries into any active sweepstakes with a one time purchase in our online store. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t want a membership, but it’s also a great option for members and participants alike to buy some really cool gear and rack up more entries! We’ve got shirts, hats, keychains, flashlights, survival gear, first aid kits, backpacks and travel cases, car cleaning products and so much more! It’s all stuff you buy anyway, but if you buy it from us you get a chance to WIN.

Free Options

As with any legal sweepstakes in the US and Canada, there is no purchase necessary to enter. We offer some cool ways to get free entries like:

Is Forged4x4 Legit?

Is Forged4x4 real? Is Forged4x4 a scam? You’re probably here because of at least one of those Google searches. We’re here to tell you that we are not a scam and we are 100% legit. We really do give away these rigs and we’ve been doing it for 3 years, with our previous winners list to back it up.

In addition, we hired one of the oldest and most trusted sweepstakes companies in the nation to administer our sweepstakes and pick winners at random: Compliance Sweepstakes Services. They also help us get licensed and bonded in all 50 United States and 10 of the 11 Canada provinces so that we can run a legal sweepstakes across North America.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we take pride in being open and transparent about our sweepstakes process as well as all of our winners. Once Compliance selects a winner at random, they give us a name and number and we do the fun part of calling the winner to notify them of their grand prize.

The fact that we’re a real sweepstakes does draw attention from scammers and they pretend to be Forged4x4, and they will attempt to solicit information or money from you. Usually this comes in the form of being direct messaged on social media that you’ve won, but must pay a huge sum of money to accept and/or ship the prize. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO DO THIS. All of our winners are called directly and our company will actually pay to ship the prize to the winner. If you’re ever in any doubt about who’s reaching out to you, don’t give out any info and please use our official channels to contact us instead. We work very hard to get scam pages taken down so that they don’t rip off our customers.

Forged4x4 Sweepstakes Winners

Congratulations to the Winner of Athena – Sprinter Van Conversion + $20,000
Congratulations to the winner of Dracos – 2023 toyota Tundra 1794 Edition
Congratulations to the winner of Kratos – 2023 Jeep Wrangler 392 & Oregon Trail’r
Congratulations to the winner of Cerberus – Our Custom RAM TRX Build
Congratulations to the winner of Pegasus – Ford Bronco Build
Congratulations to the winner of Artemis – Sprinter Van Build
Congratulations to the Winner of KRONOS – 2021 Jeep Gladiator SEMA Build
Congratulations to the Winner of APOLLO – 2021 Ford Bronco SEMA Build
Congratulations to the Winner of ATLAS – 2021 RAM 1500 REBEL
Congratulations to the Winner of ARES – 2021 RAM 1500 TRX
Congratulations to the Winner of Hercules – 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon EcoDiesel + $10K
Congratulations to the Winner of Zeus – 2021 Jeep Gladiator + $10K
Congratulations to our Jeep Wrangler Rubicon + DoDrop Alpha Trailer Winner